About The Nordic Kitchen

Hi there! I’m Sofia. I’m a plant-based food stylist & photographer, living in a small town in Sweden together with my husband and our two boys.

I’ve always been very creative – as a kid I loved drawing and painting and I absolutely adored activity books of all kinds. When I got older I started to photograph and immediately fell in love with it. However, I never really planned on becoming a photographer (even though it was some kind of secret dream), it sort of just happened.

For a long time, my goal was to become a medical researcher and I spent about 5 years studying medical biology and nutrition. Somehow I realized that it wasn’t for me, and I decided to try something totally different. I ended up as a copywriter and later on art director, but I always kept photographing on the side. When Instagram became popular I started to share my photos with the world, and it was around this time I discovered my love for photographing food. Fast forward and The Nordic Kitchen was born. 

When I started to lose my hair and get palpitations at a stressful job that I didn’t even like, I decided to start my own business and pursue the dream of working with photography. It was around this time I first came in contact with the concept of slow living. Now I can’t imagine living any other way. 

Striving for a more sustainable life in harmony with nature has helped me turn The Nordic Kitchen into what it is today – a plant-based food blog where seasonal ingredients are in focus, and stories about slow living and gardening appear among delicious cakes and dinners. 

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!