Glutenfree & vegan waffles 

Four years ago, I had so much trouble with my stomach. No matter what I ate, I would get bloated and have a lot of pain. Doctors thought it was IBS, so I went to a dietitian (before I became one myself) to get some advice. She said that I should stop eating garlic, onions and lots of other stuff. I should also stop eating gluten. Since I was pretty desperate, I decided to listen to everything she suggested so I stopped eating gluten (and the other things) right then and there.

No more bread, no more pasta and no more cinnamon buns. Not that I used to eat any of this that often, but still. There are a lot of things that contain gluten that you don’t know about until you start looking. When you start reading the ingredient lists you learn that food companies put gluten in a lot of things. Anyway. I had always been this healthy girl, eating a lot of fresh food and fruits, but somehow my diagnosis made me eat even better.

Nowadays the supermarkets are filled with glutenfree alternatives, but 4 years ago it was different. If I wanted bread I had to bake it myself. It wasn’t easy though, baking without gluten is really hard. Bread often tastes like sand and have a consistency like brick stone. So, for a couple of years I didn’t eat bread or pastries at all. I felt good and healthy, but I missed having a slice of bread or a sweet treat sometime.

And sometimes I just wanted to have one of those delicious cinnamon buns. But I have never bought one, because I know that the pain wouldn’t be worth it. I just accepted that I couldn’t eat those things anymore. Yet I couldn’t get crispy waffles, freshly baked cinnamon buns and ciabatta out of my head. I missed it.

About a year ago I realized one thing though. Why should I have to stop eating those things? I just had to learn how to make them without gluten. The first thing to try? Waffles. It seemed easier than cinnamon buns and ciabatta. It took me a lot of trials, but then, one day, I found the perfect recipe that actually worked. A recipe that gave me crispy, delicious waffles without gluten. And you know what? The next time I made waffles I made two types; one with gluten and one without. We had friends over for dinner and they all preferred the glutenfree ones over the regular ones. That’s something, isn’t it?


makes 5 

2,5 dl oat milk
2 dl corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp coconut sugar
50 g canola oil


  1. Whisk together all ingredients in a bowl.

  2. Heat up a waffle iron and add 1 dl of the batter (more or less depending on your waffle iron). Close the lid and wait 2-3 minutes (also depending on your waffle iron). Open the lid slowly and use a fork to detach the waffle from the iron. Repeat for the remaining waffles.

  3. Serve with whipped soy or coconut cream and fresh berries.


  • Jenny

    24 mars, 2017 at 16:44

    Wow, waffles with cornflower sounds absolutely delicious. It’s nice when something good (gorgeous waffles) can come from something bad (celiac disease). And only five ingredients, this is right up my alley!

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