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– This post is sponsored by Bruns Frisörer –

I love exploring. That’s probably why I love traveling so much. To me there is endless joy in driving around in a new country and walking around in a new city. I love the feeling of being wild and free. Over the last couple of years I’ve realized a few things about traveling and exploring. At first, I thought it was traveling I loved so much, but I’ve come to realize that this love goes deeper than that. In fact, it’s the exploring part I love. And traveling is a way of exploring so that all makes sense. But, I’ve realized that exploring is so much more than just traveling.

For example, when you cook (which I do A LOT), you’re constantly exploring – you taste, you smell and you feel. Or, when you’re out shopping. Or taking a walk in the woods. Or when you talk to people. Or trying a new perfume or any other product. And I find this absolutely amazing. Because when you do something that you’ve never done before, or you explore something new – it changes you. You learn from it and you get new experiences. And in the end, what we’ve experienced is what makes us who we are. I find this fascinating and oh so beautiful.

In this post I’m partnering with Bruns to share my love for exploring + trying new things + organic beauty products. My first contact with Bruns was when I visited Green Heads in February. I loved the design of the schampoo bottles and when I photographed the salon I ended up photographing these bottles from different angles. And when Nora washed my hair she used Schampoo No. 4 and I fell in love. It smelled so fresh and lovely and afterwards – oh man! My hair was amazing for DAYS. Not even kidding. So, a while back I decided to try some of their products at home but I didn’t know which one to try. So I sent an email to the Bruns team and asked them and in their reply they asked me if I wanted to try them all and photograph them + share my thoughts with you. You can see some of the photos I shot for them at the bottom of this post.

I have now used Bruns Frisörer’s schampoo and conditioner for quite a while. I’ve tried them all and I must say it was really hard to pick a favorite. No. 1 smells of wonderful coconut, which reminds me of the beaches in Mauritius. No. 2 smells of soft lotus flower and is absolutely wonderful. No. 3 is the same as No.1 but without the coconut (it’s fragrance free) and No. 4 is magical citrus (and mint) – it is SO fresh – like when you open a new bag of chewing gum. Yeah, that fresh.

They all have their characteristics, so that everyone can find a product that suits their hair. I’ve written more about each product below (if you wanna try them!), but first – can you guess which one is my favorite? My hair is really thick, a bit dry and needs tons of moist, so based on that + the smell my favorite has become (imagine drums here)… No. 2 Soft Lotus. It is a DREAM! I can easily go without washing my hair for a week and it’s still fabulous (yeah, I went a week without washing my hair during our roadtrip so I have proof!).

Also, let me just rave a bit about the company because it’s really beautiful. All the products are hand made in a Swedish city called Lund. Cecilia and Johanna, the founders, wanted to create really good hair products, free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients so for a year they tested, tested and tested and struggled and probably cried a few tears as well. But they didn’t give up and now they have the most amazing hair care products ever. It’s so, so beautiful. And last year they won a prize for ”Best new natural beauty products” at the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia. So well deserved!!

When you wash your hair with organic & natural products, always wash your hair twice. The foaming effect comes the second time you wash it. Then, finish with the conditioner and your hair will be so, so easy to brush afterwards. Both the schampoos and the conditioners are very economical. I have waist long hair and I only need to use conditioner in the size of a small coin to get my hair smooth and shiny. I also have to tell you that every shampoo and conditioner is vegan. So, so much love for these products!

My sweet friends at Bruns also sent me a couple of deodorants to try – one with fresh cypress (No. 8) which is organic and free from aluminum, alcohol and parabens, aaand, it actually works; and one which is the same, only without fragrance (No. 9). I have had some serious trouble to find organic deodorants that 1) works, and 2) smells good. So honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect from these two, but I was amazed. Wow, finally! I prefer the one with fragrance but if your’e allergic or sensitive the other one is perfect. Also, I cannot wait to try their hair styling products, which will all be released soon! <3

Have you switched to organic hair care products yet?

To my sweet friends at Bruns – thank you for wanting to work with me on this. I have loved every single minute of this project and I hope to continue working together in the future <3

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