Summer in the countryside 

Hi guys, do you still remember me? It has indeed been a while since I last published anything here on the blog. I’m sorry. My vacation started, I had no inspiration for new recipes, I didn’t have time to schedule posts for the summer and yeah, it’s been a combination of things. We’ve spent most of our time in the summer house, where we have no Internet or wifi.

This year we don’t even have water due to the extreme heat in Sweden. Our well has dried out, so we have had to bring water from Stockholm and use as little as possible. It might sound weird, but I have actually enjoyed it. It gives you perspective. We have used about 10 L a day in the countryside, for drinking, rinsing vegetables, and for cooking, brushing teeth and making coffee. 10 L is nothing, compared to what we use at home. The dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, the shower – you use up SO much water without really thinking about it. So, living without water has been interesting, and it hasn’t really been a problem. We ”shower” in the lake and it works like a charm as long as you have shampoo and shower gel, haha.

Since it has been sunny every single day, we’ve spent most of our time outdoors in the shade. We’ve read books, played beach tennis and board games, and talked. It’s such a simple life, but we’ve loved it so much. Such a contrast to the apartment life in Stockholm, haha.

I’ve been waking up at around 4 am every morning and almost every day I’ve been sneaking out to take photos of nature waking up. It’s so silent, all you hear is a bird here and there, a deer barking in the forest, and the wind in the trees. After half an hour, I go back to bed and sleep for another couple of hours. A couple of times I’ve decided to spend the entire morning outdoors. I’ve made some coffee and then gone back outside to enjoy those magical morning hours.

Regarding food then. When will there be a new recipe on the blog? I honestly don’t know. In this heat (30-35°C), it’s impossible for me to cook anything exciting. We’ve been eating nacho platters, vegan sushi (which is basically rice, avocado, and cucumber), simple salads and toasts of different kinds. Just thinking of using the oven makes me sweaty, that’s how bad it is. I just hope you can bear with me for a while, I only need some rain and then I’ll be able to start creating again. Until then, I’ll share a couple more photos from the countryside with you, and I hope you’ll like them. And don’t forget to check out the recipe index, where you can find all my previously published recipes.


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