The Easter Weekend 


Easter is a holiday that I like more and more. We don’t have any special traditions, we do what we like and what we do one year might be completely different from the year before. I like that the plans can be somewhat undecided and rather spontaneous. The Easter egg hunt for the kids, and lots of delicious food are two things we don’t change though. I love to watch how the kids wake up and run around to find the Easter eggs hidden around the house. It reminds me of my own childhood where the egg hunt was one of the best things I knew. 

This year they got puzzles in their eggs and they spent most of the Easter Eve putting them together, time after time. Then came grandma with a belated birthday present, which also was a puzzle, so a lot of time has been spent around the kitchen table with different puzzles this weekend. 


Easter Eve was warm and it truly felt like spring. We had prepared a small Easter buffet of things we like – quiche with olives and sun dried tomatoes, lots of spring vegetables, focaccia, balsamico dressing, green beans and then an Easter cake for dessert. With a chocolate rabbit on top to the kids excitement. Just a simple cake with some strawberries we picked last year (from the freezer), home made vanilla custard and whipped cream on top. A few chocolate eggs and the rabbit on top and it was all done. 


The rest of the weekend was spent outdoors as much as possible. There were beautiful moments mixed with lots of fighting between the kids. Sometimes I don’t think they can even look at each other without starting to fight about something (or nothing). But then they play together and laugh and have fun for a while and you forget it all until it starts again, hehe. I don’t know what I want to say with this more than that our kids fight too even though it’s not something I share photos of on social media. Some days I’m so tired I’m not sure I could count my own fingers if I was asked to. But no matter what I always try to take a step back and see the big picture – we are all healthy, we have a home and we have each other. And fighting or not, that’s all that matters. And when I think like that, I always get a warm feeling in my heart and I feel so thankful for everything that I have. 

Now we are back to routines for a few more days before baby brother arrives. I’ll try to get a few more things done, stock up the freezer and simply get ready. 

I hope you are all feeling well and that you had a lovely Easter weekend!

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