Cabin Life

The week in the cabin was amazing. It has really been a blast. We’ve been working with the house and garden almost the entire time but it was so relaxing…and so much fun! The house needed to be painted so that’s what we did. Also, we removed stumps (phew!), bought new garden tools, removed large stones and of course, we fed ducks. If you’ve followed along on Insta Stories you probably know about the ducks already. When we arrived last Monday, they were a bit shy but soon they learned that we were friendly and just wanted to feed (and pet) them. By the end of the week they had grown A LOT and they even sat on my lap. It was amazing.

We also spent some time with my family down there. I met my cousins and their families and of course my auntie <3 So much love for these people. Aaaand we took long walks in the forest, read books and played board games. All the essential cabin activities.

I have not photographed much at all during this week and surprisingly as is, it feels great. I never though I would feel that way. But this summer is my first summer as a photographer (I mean, for real) and I guess I needed a break from my camera, since it’s now my job to photograph all day, everyday. I think it was well needed because now I’m super excited to start photographing again. We’re going to the north of Sweden and Norway soon and I guess I will take like a billion photos there. But to show you at least a little of what I’ve been doing this past week I decided to turn some of the photos into a blog post. I hope you’ve had a great week and that you’re enjoying your summer so far <3

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