Christmas flowers

When I was a kid, I hated flowers. My mom loved them (still does) but I sure didn’t. Going to the flower shop was one of the worst and most boring things I knew. I don’t know when things started to change, but I guess it was when I was about 15-16 years old. I still don’t like all flowers, far from it. But I have my favorites – dahlias (my all time favorite), hydrangeas, anemones, ranunculus, poppy flowers and amaryllis. Oh, and peonies! Definitely no. 2 on my list. 

I want pastel colored or white flowers. No neon colored ones and certainly not yellow or cerise ones. I’m quite picky as you can tell. But then again I’m a girl who wears black 99% of the time. Sorry not sorry. When we buy a house (if we can ever find one that’s not too expensive/too much renovations needed/too small a garden…) I know exactly which flowers I want. And a greenhouse and a veggie garden of course. It feels like I’m always talking about this. 

Anyway. One flower you don’t need a garden for is the amaryllis. I don’t even want to tell you how many I have this year. My favorite is the apricot colored one – it’s just so beautiful together with some greens. I’ve already shared a few photos of my flowers on Instagram, but why not put together a blog post too? So, here is some flower inspiration for you! <3 

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