DIY Easter eggs from Malin aka @poppyloveyou

Last week I received the most beautiful package from Malin aka @poppyloveyou. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ve probably seen her absolutely wonderful Easter eggs that she created together with Boråstapeter. She cut out flowers from wallpapers and then she glued them on to Easter eggs, so simple but so, so beautiful. I was so lucky to receive a kit so that I could make my own Easter eggs, and I wanted to share the process with you. If you want a guide how to make the eggs, you can find it in Swedish on Boråstapeter’s hemsida (here!), or you can look at Malin’s Instagram. Below you can see how my eggs turned out. Creating them was so much fun!

I painted a couple of Easter eggs in a color called ”linen”. You can basically use any old Easter eggs you have at home and just paint them in a color you like. Then let your creativity do the rest! Adam is too small to appreciate things like this, but if you have older kids I’m sure they’ll love this activity. Now, let’s look at my Easter eggs!


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